Ok so we have me the creator, we have a marketing guy who is great, and my wife who is some kind of level builder/tester/investor. On top of this we need a great developer, someone smart and humble who wants to take a risk and make this game great, and maybe get a nice passive income in the process. There is a great many things that we want to do:

  • generate an income, based on humane video ads, coupled with subscription to get rid of ads
  • improve first levels to make the game more fun for new players
  • finish the best times system, needing server and updated client
  • adapt the level editor for public use and add a “custom levels” system on server and in game interface
  • introduce a battle system, compete against others for best time on a level in a set amount of time
  • just in general add many social features of beating friends times, getting notifications and whatnot
  • create a deep learning based level generator for endless level variation

The awesome web based level editor, waiting for everyone to use.

The qualifications necessary are:

  • smart and humble :)
  • a belief in the game, in Skyturns
  • streetsmart and good at programming - growing up in front of a computer is a must because of the range of technologies involved
  • a demonstration of some previous programming work and reasoning about this to prove ability
  • willing to work for a share in revenue and partnership

We are based in Umeå, Sweden but by posting here we are of course also considering remote workers - we will use Skype or whatever to communicate and it will be great.

So if you want to get involved please mail me at joakim@skyturns.com