Hey, never really updated here – but we got a small team building on the game now. Several versions out on Android. iOS will be coming soon. If you want to know whats up, join our Discord server, use this invite link: https://discord.gg/yMk2PZb. Buy the hat! I have updated the blog with all releasenotes from the last months, so we look a bit more alive :)

Look at this beauty:

Runner with hot bod

The roadmap right now is (the strikethrough stuff is already done):

Themed chapters and levels

We will give every chapter a distinct theme like “Icy Forest”, “Desert Sun”. It will still be the same game, just a bit more sense of progression

At the same time we will polish and extend current levels, make the good even better

Share replays

Share replays by a simple link that anyone can view

Feed of replays constantly updated with new cool replays to watch and play against

Play vs Ghost

Play versus your own best time at any level as a ghost - its really fun

Use any shared replay as a ghost to compete with anyone!


Quality items and style changes

  • Some can only be unlocked (like get all red times)
  • Some can only be bought

- Buy the hat!

If you share a replay with your friends they will see your version of the game. Show them your stuff!

Improved intro for new players

Its a difficult game to really “get”, so we have improved the first 5 levels with really solid and unobtrusive tutorials

iPhone and iPad version

Once upon a time this game was released for iOS as well, we just need to do some housekeeping and try to keep up with Apples changes. Stay tuned :)

Updated music system

Even more flow reward with some beats added to the already awesome music!

Cloud sync for times

We will add support for Play cloud synd and iCloud sync, so you can keep your precious progress and times. Later we will add our own clouds sync that works with all devices

Interface update

We got sick of scrolling through the levels so this will be totally reworked with a simpler better menu.

Skip changes

Skipping levels is a great thing, but hardly anyone uses this. We will simplify this and make it more clear. Why struggle with one level when you can struggle with four?

In game graphics update

Shaded, more personal runner - stickman got a body!

Nicer painted clouds, no more amateur stuff :)

Public level editor for everyone

All the current levels are built with our awesome, easy to use 3D-editor. This will be released for anyone to build levels and share. First it will be in the web browser for computers, and shortly after we will add it in game. Edit your new level, play it immediately, and share it with everyone.

Make a great level and unlock special customizations only available for level creators!