Ladies and gentlemen, we have a very special announcement for your today, Today it is release day of patch 1.6.0! It is a very special patch with lots of improvements that we have been working hard on. Without further ado let’s jump in to it!

  • Cloud Sync from Settings menu (Save all your times to the cloud so that if lose your phone your user and all data will be saved)( Enable cloudsync from the settings menu)
    • sync all your times and all your replays
    • all devices will be gracefully merged
    • never be afraid to lose your best times again
  • New chapter made by the very skilled and handsome @NexusPolaris from Discord (this is a precoursor to the coming level editor, make fantastic levels and share them with your friends and us on discord ofc)
  • Ads added to the game, buy the hat! (We have 4 people working with this game and we have bills to pay. We thank you so much for your support in helping us pay them)
  • Tutorials and first levels improved again (We found through playtesting that some people did not understand how to slide downhill to gain speed and some people had difficulty understanding the controls fast enough to progress.)

As always, hit us up with any feedback you might have. Thank you for playing and supporting us!