Hello there, we have released a new update to the game. The update allows user to play custom levels!

How to play custom levels:

  1. Download the update from the Play Store
  2. Click this link: http://skyturns.com/level/22cc11 and open it with Skyturns
  3. Play the level

How to create custom level:

  1. Go to https://skyturns.com/editor on a computer
  2. Read the instructions and start to create your level
  3. When you are done click share your level and you will get a shareable link

This is an experimental editor and it might or might not work for you. Please contact us with any bugs you find. It would be very helpful to us.

This is the first step towards our goal of creating an in app level editor. As time passes and more work is done there will be an in-game UI to find and share custom levels created with the in app level editor!