We have successfully released the online editor as well as the game update that allows players to play custom levels. There were some bugs that we are looking in to with the editor but simultaneously work has also begun on the in game editor. Without sounding too boastful the in-game editor is looking really nice. The experience is smooth and creating levels are more then easy. We are looking forward to seeing and playing the community made levels that will be created. Let the creativity flow!

Skyturns user base is gradually growing user by user but we would like the progress to be faster so at the office there has been a lot of thinking about marketing and how to reach more players. Our early advertising trials have been positive but we need to improve the in-game ecosystem to make more players feel at home and want to stay a bit longer.

Right now it is looking like we are drawing the rough outlines for providing players with more in-game goals. We have ideas about giving players points for completing level and achievements in-game. These points could then be used to unlock different runner outfits and items. Certain items should only be unlocked by completing achievements such as completing chapter 4 or by completing a certain level under a certain time. We also want to reward players that create amazing levels and share them with the community.

If you have any ideas or thoughts that you want to share please go ahead. All discussions are welcome!