Create your own level, challenge your friends in battles. Pull up your phone and search for a quick battle on a new unknown level. Attain mastery of a level pack. Customize the look of your game. Find that new shortcut that cuts your level time in half. Reduce your total time and secure a place in your country’s top list. Explore the limits of speed and three dimensions. Get notified that your friend just beat your time and show her whats what. Join a tournament. Make the perfect run. Explore your own potential for mastery and subtle detail!

Skyturns is an excellent game. It has depth and longevity and variation like few other games. Its a masterpiece really. I’m proud. There are many good games out there, many masterpieces, and I would stand no chance to make a game like this, had it not been for their good example. I know when it feels right, when the game is good enough, when it is great. And three years after release, I can conclude that Skyturns is a great game. Its not for everyone, but with 6 billion people on this earth, and soon as many smart phones, I feel that the game has a definite role to play and it would be a shame if it stops where it is right now.

For me Skyturns is a pure game. Its only about gameplay, its only about mastery, its only about creativity. There is very little disturbance, very little in the way of gimmicks or hoops you have to jump through. Its raw gameplay and nothing else. And the gameplay is good enough that it needs nothing else. I want people to be able to have this pure experience as a part of their daily lives. As it is now the game is an isolated experience limited to 50 levels. For someone who gets really into it, we might have a couple 100 hours, or half a year of solid gameplay trying to master the game and these levels. Without changing the gameplay or graphics anything we could radically improve this, to something like 10 000 hours, or 20 years. There is infinite variety of levels possible, there is infinite improvement possible. With social functions and a system for battles and best times, and the ability for anyone to create levels, there is absolutely no limit to the potential of the game. As long as there are smart phones the game will live.

I want people to have this stripped down, clean, pure experience of mastery, creativity and perfection. I want it to be without limits. I want to enable people to challenge their friends, family, themselves, the entire world. I want to unleash people’s creativity in level editing and see where we can take this game, this format. How good can people get? How crazy can levels get? The focus required for mastery in this game is massive - and I feel that this is a good thing. Its a beacon of simplicity in a noisy world. Lets just sit down and get really good at this, challenge each other, and see what our potential really is. Of course this is just a game, that you will play on the bus on the way to work or school. Its not life or death, but its still there. For me it is big, for me it can be one of those few things that you master in life, and it will teach you a lot about learning, your potential, and how deep things really can go. It will teach you about subtle detail by its huge impact on your level times. A thing that looks really simple on the surface can prove to have immense depth. Limitless depth.

I also want the game to make money. I want it to be able to stand on its own legs - to support its own future. I want there to be enough revenue that we can have dedicated employees working on the game, improving it and maintaining it for a long time. This means a responsible system of in-app purchases, that will still allow the game to remain pure and simple and of course not alter gameplay in any way whatsoever. The main driver for this will be replays, because in official replays other people will view your run of a level, and see what you see when you play. Any visual modification will be your own unique view on the game, which will be exposed through your replays.

The sky is literally, not the limit ;)